Domain Sales

We can sell domain names on your behalf, handling all of the details and all of the paperwork.

7Growth has a widespread network of investors and business owners interested in new business opportunities and domain names. On your behalf, we will contact all potential interested parties to increase interest in your particular domain name. Then we will sell it directly to the right buyer or put it on auction.

During our selling period, we ask for domain name exclusivity to facilitate a smooth sales process.. This means that the domain name in question can’t be listed for sale on other marketplaces, and it can’t be retired from the sale with us before the time established and or sold in other way. This simply makes the domain name sales process efficient, fair and timely.

To provide maximum exposure for your name and maximum profit, we will evaluate the best time period to proceed with the sale, according to your needs.

Domain sales service is completely free until we have sold the domain name for you. After the sale, we ask a 8% commission fee on the final sale price (minimum fee is $250). Commission fees can be negotiated for returning customers or for bulk domain names.

When you contact us we will discuss the details for the sale, including your timeframe and the price range you are willing to accept.

Transactions are done using or both pioneers in escrow to ensure the safety and security of every transaction.