About Us

About us

Founder and CEO of 7Growth Paolo Mauroner is an entrepreneur with a diverse background encompassing Italian electronics, online sales, business consultation and more. In addition, Paolo serves as an employee for Marcegaglia Spa, a leader in steel products.
When he began connecting with domain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from across the globe at Namepros.com, Paolo was immediately fascinated by this melting pot of expertise, experience, culture and interests, further sparking his interest in the domain business. With this newfound passion and extensive consultation with experts in the field, Paolo started to build a portfolio with traffic names, focusing on buying domains for resale purpose.
He enjoys interacting with start-up entrepreneurs and those engaged in creative pursuits, and regularly volunteers his time to help others hone their business plans.

Paolo is also passionate about technology, videogames wolrd, tech start-up, human psychology and responsible tourism. The junction of these passions make up 7Growth .

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